O'Donoghue Healy, Anastasia
Anastasia O'Donoghue Healy believes her practice as a self taught artist is informed by her own philosophical and personal growth. She finds the landscape continues to make its mark on her mark as an artist. The dance between it,light,the elements and all the structural manmade contributions to the landscape for example fencing posts,electricity polls,gates, buildings,roadways and lanes create a rhythm in her observations. These are captured by the camera or in a sketch book and then taken into the studio where using oil on board or paper she makes her paintings.
Anastasia prepares for her time painting in the studio. By this she means she considers what her subject matter is,gathers all her supporting material,prepared boards,clean brushes and her work table. This removes unnecessary distractions which might prevent Anastasia reaching that deep emotional connection with the process of making her work. She finds music enhances and informs her time in the studio and can sometimes allow her make a deeper emotional response to her work.
Anastasia currently works en plein air. This decision brings her closer  to the landscape  and allows her mark  to express her spontaneous,intuitive response to it.