McKee, Jim
Jim McKee

Jim McKee is a self-taught artist of International acclaim who is fearless with paint. For many years, the Burren was his actual and spiritual home. He finds inspiration all around him …in a cluster of wildflowers, the bend of a lane, a corner of the bog, a tractor in a field, and the colours of nature.

“My journey goes from enjoying success as an artist to the despair of the recession, to being evicted from my home after 10 years and then an unexpected return to my home county of Tyrone with a new love and a new baby”.

In 2008, his career was on a high with commissions and successful exhibitions; his solo show at The Kenny Gallery was a sell-out. Then, the recession changed everything, life became financially difficult and, in December 2014, Jim and his son, along with four other families, were evicted from their homes. His move back to Tyrone  followed and now, some years later he has a new family life he could never have anticipated and, with a new studio and art gallery, he has a sense of ‘rebirth’ in his career.

Jim was and continues to be, deeply inspired by the Burren and the West of Ireland and is greatly admired for his interpretations of that landscape and its people. This new exhibition "A Week in the West" is a coming home of sorts, and a return to form in a wonderful celebration in paint of the West of Ireland, it's life, landscape and people.