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Cancelo, Patricia PDF Print E-mail
Patricia Cancelo Lorenzo

Born in 1971, Vigo Pontevedra. Spain.
Residing and has his workshop in Barcelona. Spain.
Graduated in Art, in I.D.E.P, Institute of Advanced Polytechnic Studies of Image and Design, plus the revalidation in the School of Arts and Crafts of Barcelona. "La Llotja". Spain.
Graduated in Communication in U.O.C. "Open University of Catalonia". (4 years of the career of Information and Communication Sciences, plus the T.F.G. (final degree work). Spain.
Master of Reporting and Research in "The Comunicacion Arts Institute TRACOR". The World TV. Madrid. Spain.
She studied two years of Art History at the University of Barcelona.
She studied techniques applied to sculpture at the School of Fine Arts of Olot. Girona. Catalonia. Spain.
She studied for two years the career of Solfeggio and Preliminary piano at the Conservatory of Music of Vigo. Pontevedra. Spain.
She has been an international artist, participating in national and international exhibitions.
She has been awarded several times with different prizes and honorific art mentions.

The work of Patricia Cancelo is represented in the collections of museums and gallerys worldwide.


2001 Sculpture Competition Finalist "Catalan,Countries,II,Premi d'Sculpture", Lleida
2001 Selected for the II Podiatric International Convention, Barcelona.
2002 Finalist 22nd International Design Competition, Exohogar Sculpture, Gift, Barcelona
2002 Finalist International, Sculpture Exhibition, Museo d'Autum, Albi, France
2003 Selected for the IV Podiatric Convention, Mayral Foot,Health,Centre, Barcelona
2003 Selected for the Contemporary Art Fair Artexpo, Barcelona
2004 Selected for the Fandos Art Foundation, Valencia
2005 Selected for the Contemporary Art Workshops, Cordoba
2006 Lucas Karrvaz Arts Foundation Scholarship, Valencia
2007 Selected for the Fair Art, Gaudi Gallery, Switzerland
2008 Selected for the Fair Art, Gaudi Gallery, Bolsazo, Italy
2011 Selected to design 6 sculptures, Research and Development Awards, Barcelona
2012 Sculptures and Design pieces at Guggenheim Museum, Store, Bilbao
2013 Award Art Talent, Art Center Contemporany, El Matadero, Madrid, Spain,
2016 Honorific mention, Award city of Barcelona, Spain.
2017 First prize of scultpure Sant Jordi, Roial Artistic cercle of Barcelona, Spain.
2017 Honorific mention, 25 Aniversario Port, Olimpic Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.
2017 Finalist at Fantastic festival of cinema of Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.
2018 Finalist Award, Sant Jordi, Roial artistic cercle of Barcelona.
2018 Finalist Award, City of Barcelona, Spain.
2019 Finalist Award, San Diego, California, U.S.A.


2003 Finalist 22nd International Jewellery Competition. Gift Fair Expo home, Barcelona.
2012 Creation of jewelry collection in and for the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao


2001 I Prize, XIII National Literary Narrative Contest, RV, Verdaguer, Besalú, Girona.
2002 I Prize, XIV National Literary Narrative Contest, RV, Verdaguer, Besalú, Girona.

Sculpture Museum Enric Monjo. Vilassar de Mar. Barcelona.
Roial artistic cercle of Barcelona.
Colection Pep Llabrés Art Contemporani Mallorca. Illes Balears.
Escultoric Park Esteve Vilà. Serinyà. Girona.
Collection Diferoptics. Barcelona. 
Collection Silvia Sennacheribbo. Barcelona.
Collection Gabriel Perelló. Mallorca. Illes Balears.
Collection Eurídice Negrelos. México.
Collection Juan Manuel Rodrigo. Barcelona.
Collection Le Meridien Hotel. Barcelona.


2002 XII Sample Contemporary Art. Sant Feliu de Llobregat. Barcelona
2002 Art Gallery "Generalitat de Catalunya". Lola Anglada. Barcelona.
2005 Marimon Art Gallery. Wall. Mallorca. Balearic Islands.
2012 Marimon Contemporary Art Gallery. Mallorca. Balearic Islands.
2013 Le Meridien Barcelona Hotel. Barcelona. Spain.
2014 Marimon Contemporary Art Gallery. Mallorca. Balearic Islands.
2017 Roial Cercle Artistic of Barcelona.
2017 Silvia Sennacheribbo Gallery.
2017 Sculpture Museum. Vilasar de mar. Barcelona.
2017 Cultural Center Pere Pruna. Barcelona.
2018 Cultural center Can Deu. Barcelona.

Permanent Exhibition - Sculpture Park Vila. Oxiterri. Serinya. Girona.


2000 Art Gallery "Boto de Roda". Torroella de Montgri.  Girona. Spain.
2001 VII Fair Artists and Iron Founders. Besalú. Girona. Spain.
2001 VII Exposition Internationale de Ferronnerie. Perpignan. France
2001 Auction Catalan Association against Rett Syndrome. Girona. Spain.
2001 D'Arcy Gallery. Ipswich. England.
2001 II Catalan Countries Prize of  Sculpture 
2001 Library. Lleida. Spain.
2002 D'Arcy Gallery. Ipswich. England
2002 VIII Artisans Fair and Iron Founders. Besalú. Girona. Spain.
2002 artists by MS. Cultural House. Girona. 
2002 Art Gallery "Fons d'Art". Olot School of Fine Arts. Girona. Spain.
2002 Museum "Musée d'Autum." Albi. France.
2003 IX Crafts and Iron Founders Fair, Besalú, Girona, Spain.
2003 Galeria Safia. Barcelona, Spain.
2003 L'Illa d'Art ". Contemporary Art Exhibition. Safia Gallery. Barcelona. 
2003 Room Vinçon. Exposure small formats. Barcelona. Spain.
2005 Center Cultural  La Merce. Burriana. Valencia. Spain.
2005 Center Cultural Las Aulas de la Diputación. Castellón. Spain.
2005 Cultural Space House of Music. Vila Real. Valencia. Spain.
2007 Geneva Art Fair. Gaudí Gallery. Switzerland.
2008 Bolsano Art Fair . Gaudí Gallery. Italy.
2010 Madrid Congress Centre. ARTEFAIM. Madrid. Spain.
2012 Art Gallery Guerrero. Artwork on display. Sitges. Barcelona. Spain.
2012 Showroom ADIF - Bilbao, Spain.
2012 Artwork in Arteko Gallery 2012 - San Sebastian, Spain.
2013 Sala Vinçon. Hipermerc’Art - Galeria Safia, Barcelona.
2013 V14 Le Meridien Hotel . Barcelona.
2014 Guerrero's Art Gallery. Sitges, Barcelona.
2015 Maison & object.  Paris. France.
2016 Miramar Palace. Barcelona.
2017 Sitges Film Festival. Barcelona.
2018 Roial artistic cercle of Barcelona. Spain.
2019 Art Gallery Nonell Alcolea.Barcelona
2019 Art Gallery Sennacheribbo. Barcelona.
2019 Galería Safia. Barcelona.
2019 Art Galllery Alcolea. Madrid.


All art works that history has left us transmit sensations, feelings and demands of the artists who created them.

Patricia Cancelo is no exception, with her strength and personality, her work never leaves us indifferent.

It is difficult to think that a material as cold as iron, can awaken warmth beyond the degrees of forging and steel treatments; But if this material is lucky to fall into Patricias’ hands and imagination, the viewers are fortunate. The sculptures come alive and transmit the feelings that this brilliant artist wants us to discover. Their circular and square universes claim better times; its balanced and thoughtful geometric compositions acquire personality and warmth.
Life, energy, strength, study, pause... Her works define her as like artist and person.

Awarded, among others, with the First Prize Sant Jordi 2017, delivered by the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona and a long etcetera, she shows a promising future in which one day, Patricia Cancelo, will be part of the history of art books.

On one occasion, they said that hugging a tree was a magical sensation, I invite you to embrace the works created with the magic of Patricia Cancelo and discover the warmth of iron.

Marc Latorre, Barcelona 2018