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TK's 'Old Galway'

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Baddely, Mr.
Bailey, Nancy
Ballagh, Rachel
Ballagh, Robert
Ballard RUA, Brian
Ballard, Brian
Ballard, Lisa
Balogh, Adam
Banahan, Christopher
Bardon, Jean
Barraclough, Peter
Barralet, John James
Barrett, David
Barrow, Ann McFarlane
Barrow, Patrick MacFarlane
Bartholomew (Firm)
Bartlett, W.H
Bartlett, William Henry
Basire, James
Bateman, Roisín
Battley, Sieglinde
Baynes, Thomas Mann
Beauford, W.
Beck, Bernard
Beggs, Leah
Behan RHA, John
Behan, John
Behan, Nessa
Bennet, Stephen
Bennett, Malcolm
Bennett, Roger
Bennett, Stephen
Bentham, Rick
Bernard Scale
Bernard, Mike
Bewick, Pauline
Biddulph, Derek
Blackham, Dorothy
Blair, Manson
Bleau, William J.
Bleeker, Reinder
Bodkin, Thomas
Boland, Mella
Borner, Suzanne
Bourke HRHA, Brian
Bourke, Brian
Bourke, Fergus
Bowen, Christine
Boydell, Cormac
Bracken, Niall
Braun, Renata
Breakey, John
Brenda Byrne
Brennan, Colm
Brennan, Eilbhe
Brennan, Thomas. W.
Breslin, Rory
Bridges, Anna
Britton, Alison
Brophy, Elizabeth
Brother Ambrose
Brotherton, Paul
Brown, Betty
Brown, Denis
Browne, Sheelan
Buckley, Kate
Bulfin, Siobhan
Bunker, Linda
Burke Brogan, Patricia
Busher, Kelvin
Butler, Brock
Butler, Liam
Butler, Ronan
Byrne, Cyril
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The Culture Trip - Local Favourite


Galway 2020  




Inis Airc - The Inishark Project, Pádraic Reaney at The Kenny Gallery

View A Hint of Autumn, seasonal paintings by KIERAN TOBIN >>  

View ART OF PROTEST, recent Galway International Arts Festival exhibition at The Kenny Gallery >>  

View DISPOSSESSED, paintings by Bernard Canavan >>   View recent BLOOD HORSES exhibition by Paddy Lennon >>  

View recent FRAN McCANN exhibition 'Almost There!' >>  View JOHN BEHAN RHA | 'Eternal Recurrence' Exhibition >>   

A selection of recent works from our collection:

Oil on Canvas, 12x12in
Acrylic & Oil on Canvas, 12x10in
Oil on Canvas, 16x16in

Paintings by Leah Beggs Works by John Behan RHA
Works by John Coll Works by Shane Crotty
Paintings by Paul Guilfoyle Works by Maev Lenaghan
Paintings by Thelma Mansfield Paintings by Jerry Marjoram
Paintings by Jim McKee Paintings by Luke McMullan
Paintings by John Morris Paintings by Anastasia O'Donoghue Healy
Works by Paula Pohli Paintings by Manus Walsh

Welcome to We have been selling original works of art for over 75 years. Situated in Galway, in the West of Ireland, The Kenny Gallery specialise in Contemporary Irish Art, exhibits the work of 19th to 21st century artists, and frequently hosts exhibitions by visiting artists from Europe and the United States.

The gallery organises a number solo and group exhibitions each year, including retrospectives, and we actively promote emerging talent. Over the years we have showcased the work of emerging Irish artists, many of whom have become household names. The works of Jack Yeats, Paul Henry, Sean Keating, George Campbell, Louis le Brocquy, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Robert Ballagh,  Sidney Nolan and many others have gone through the doors of Kennys. In addition, we have an ongoing everchanging group show of several hundred works - oils, watercolours, sculpture, stained glass, ceramics, photography and graphics.

In recent years, the gallery has been commissioned by private individuals, companies and public institutions to decorate their homes and premises with art. A member of our consultation team can visit your home or place of business and advise on a stylish artistic layout to suit your environment. Our time, advice and proposals are entirely free of charge.

Enjoy browsing our site, and should you have any queries or suggestions whatever please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Thomas Kenny, Gallery Director   


Acrylic on Paper, 12x16in
Acrylic on Paper, 12x16in
Acrylic on Paper, 12.5x12.5in