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 EVENTS 2016


  • > Exhibition – Promises, promises... Political Ephemera | from 18 February, through the month of March.

  • > Exhibition - Triptych, a Burren Journey - new paintings by three painters of the Burren – Michael Gemmell, Jim McKee and Manus Walsh  |  from 27 May, through June.

  • > Exhibition - Callaghan & Callaghan - New Works.  Paintings by George Callaghan and by Stef Callaghan | from 8 July. 

  • > Exhibition - Sculpture for Galway - concepts for public sculpture for Galway City | 5 - 30 September 2016

  • > Taispeántas - Comóradh, Taispeántas deshaothair ealaíontoirí éagsúla agus an chéad blian ó Éirí Anach 1916 mar ábhar inspioráide acu. | 10 - 24 Samhain, 2016

  • > Exhibition - Moods, Memories and Mayo - new paintings by Paul Guilfoyle | 25 November - 23 December 2016


Promises, promises... at The Kenny Gallery


Promises, Promises...

18 February - 31 March 

You are invited to the official opening of an exhibition of political posters and ephemera entitled 'Promises, Promises' at The Kenny Gallery, Liosbán Retail Park, Tuam Road, Galway on Thursday 18th of February at 5pm - for the season that's in it!

The exhibition consists of old election posters, political posters, fliers, handouts, badges, ephemera etc.  Most are election material from all corners of the country, from all political parties and some independents. They make up a fascinating collection of what you might call street literature, mostly from the last 50 years.

These are not the posters which you see on every available pole at the moment, but are older images from National, Local and European elections of the past, and include some of political or protest meetings. You do have to be interested in politics to get a kick out of this exhibition. Nothing like it has ever been seen in Galway before.

Most of the items in the show have been collected over the last 50 years by Alan Kinsella of Dublin. They are part of what is the most comprehensive collection in private hands in Ireland.

The exhibition will run from tomorrow, the 18th February, through the election period and for the month of March.



Triptych - A Burren Journey 

Triptych | A Burren Journey

27 May - 30 June 

‘Triptych, A Burren Journey’ is an exhibition of new paintings by three painters of the Burren – Michael Gemmell Jim McKee  and Manus Walsh  - at  The Kenny Gallery, Galway. 

The exhibition will be officially opened by Dr Brendan Dunford of Burren Beo Trust on Friday 27th May at 6.00pm. 

It will run daily, 9.00-5.00, Monday to Saturday at The Kenny Gallery, Liosbán Retail Park, Tuam Road, Galway, until June 30th.  Admission is free and all are welcome.


The Burren is one of the finest examples of a glacio-karst landscape in the world measuring c. 250 square kilometres. It is composed of limestone pavements with criss-crossing cracks known as ‘grikes’, leaving isolated rocks called ‘clints’. Due to the unusual environment, the region supports many rare Irish species of flora and fauna, arctic, Mediterranean and alpine plants side-by-side.  

Much has been made of the ‘otherworldly’ quality of the Burren landscape.  Comparisons to the moon are perhaps overstated, but it cannot be denied that the stark visual contrast to the surrounding terrain have proved a draw for visual artists for decades.  Such becomes the allure for some that they have chosen to relocate to the region – and this is the case with our exhibitors; McKee and Walsh live there, while Michael Gemmell is a habitual visitor since his years in Art College in Limerick.  There are many more for whom the area provides, perhaps ironically, fertile inspiration.



Callaghan & Callaghan at The Kenny Gallery

Callaghan & Callaghan  - New Works

8 July - 5 August  

An exhibition of new paintings by George Callaghan and Stef Callaghan, hosted by The Kenny Gallery, Galway.

In association with the Galway Fringe Festival, the exhibition runs from the 8th July to 5th August, 2016. 

Malaysian born Australian artist Stef Callaghan's paintings are idyllic.  They reflect the joy in everyday life, and explore interactions between people in their daily pursuits; there is no attempt at reality in her work.  Voluptuous ladies are depicted in bright landscapes suggesting perfect sisterhood.  Delighting the eye, they make you smile.

George Callaghan was born in Antrim in 1941. He left school at 15 to work as an apprentice commercial artist, later studying at Belfast College of Art. George worked in advertising agencies from Dublin to London and eventually in Sydney, Australia.

In 1973 he relocated to Tasmania, where he lived for almost 30 years - recognized as one of the state's leading artists.

He paints in a naïve style - without depth or perspective, chimneys with identically stylised puffs of smoke and trees as green balls on sticks. Drawing, design and colour are finely developed with meticulous painting technique.

Admission is free and all are welcome.  Opening hours 9.00 to 17.00, Monday to Saturday.

in association with 





Sculpture for Galway 

Sculpture for Galway

5 - 30 September 

Including works by Ester Barrett, John Behan, Pádraic Reaney, John Coll, Irene Plazewska, Cormac McCarthy, Joseph Sloan and many more...

The Kenny Gallery, in association with Galway City Council, have accepted entries to a competition which invited Irish Artists and Artists resident in Ireland to submit ideas for a “SCULPTURE FOR GALWAY”.

Entries suggesting potential public sculpture for different parts of the city take the form of sculptural maquettes, sketches, visualisations and other media. A selection of the entries form an exhibition which takes place at the Kenny Gallery in Liosbán, Tuam Road, Galway, and will open to the public from Monday 5th September.

Concepts from John Behan RHA, John Coll, Ester Barrett, Stephanie Fingleton, Rory Breslin, Cathal McCarthy and many more feature.

A panel of adjudicators - including renowned sculptor Thomas Glendon - will select five leading entries, each of whom will be awarded € 500 to develop their ideas further. This will be followed by further consultation with Galway City Council and Kenny Gallery and may lead to the commission of at least one proposal as a public work.

Entries are commemorative, memorial, celebratory, functional, decorative, provocative, emotive, emblematic, symbolic and conceptual, but all are specific to and for the City of Galway. Some relate to a particular place - The Claddagh, The Promenade, The Market; others to specific people - writers, sportspeople, musicians, participants in the 1916 Rising or the War of Independence; etc…

The exhibition will continue at The Kenny Gallery, Galway for the month of September 2016.

 in association with

Galway City Council 

Comóradh - Robert Ballagh


10 - 24 Samhain 

Tugtar cuireadh duit chuig an oscailt oifigiúil - Comóradh, Taispeántas deshaothair ealaíontoirí éagsúla agus an chéad blian ó Éirí Anach 1916 mar ábhar inspioráide acu. 

Is i nDánlann Uí Chionnaith,  Ionad Miondíola Liosbán, Bóthar Thuama, Gaillimh ar Déardaoinan 10ú Samhain ag 6.00in

Aoi-chainteoir: Pádraig Ó Snodaigh

Cuirfidh Dánlann Uí Chionnaith, Gaillimh, taispeántas i láthair de phictiúirí is de dhelbha do chomóradh céad bhliain 1916.

Is cuid de chlár imeallach Gaeilge den Chomhdháil Náisiúnta, 10ú-12ú Samhain in OÉG, é an taispeántas seo a scrúdóidh téamaí a thagann aníos as an Éirí Amach agus a gcomóradh.

Sé Rossa Ó Snodaigh, atá ag réitiú clár Gaeilge na féile, agus Dean Ó'Ceallaigh, ó Dhánlann Uí Chionnaith, atá ina gcoimeádaithe ar an dtaispeántas seo.

Sa taispeántas ilghnéitheach seo, siad ealaíontóirí na Gaeltachta a bhíothas ag díriú orthu go príomha, leithídí Bernie Joyce, Paula Ní Chualáin, Máire Ní Shúilleabháin agus Áine Ní Chíobháin agus in éindí leo beidh saothar de chuid Robert Ballagh, Jim Fitzpatrick, Cliodhna Cussen agus sraith griangrafanna ó Chartlanna Ailtireachta na hÉireann de chuid Thomas J. Westropp, ina bhfeictear an scrios ar déanadh ar fhoirgintí na príomh-cathrach.

Beidh an taispeántas ar siúil ar feadh trí lá na Comhdhála atá sé mar chuid ach leanfaidh sé ar aghaidh ina dhiadh go dtí an 24ú lá de Mhí na Samhna.


You are invited to the official opening - COMÓRADH - An exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising inspiring various artists, at The Kenny Gallery, Liosbán Retail Park, Tuam Road, Galway, on Thursday 10th November at 6.00pm.

Guest Speaker: Pádraig Ó'Snodaigh

The Kenny Gallery, Galway, will host an exhibition of paintings and sculpture for the 100th Anniversary of 1916.

The exhibition, which will examine themes arising from the Easter Rising and its commemoration, forms part of the Irish Language fringe programme of events of the National Conference for the Anniversary of 1916, from 10th–12th November at NUI, Galway.

Rossa Ó Snodaigh is running the Irish Language programme and is curating this exhibition along with Dean Kelly of The Kenny Gallery.

This diverse exhibition primarily features work by Gaeltacht artists such as Bernie Joyce, Paula Ní Chualáin, Máire Ní Shúilleabháin agus Áine Ní Chíobháin, but also includes the artwork of national figures like Robert Ballagh, Jim Fitzpatrick, Cliodhna Cussen and mounted photographs from the Architectural Archive of Ireland by Thomas J. Westropp, which displays the destruction to the buildings in the capital city after the Rising.

The conference which this exhibition compliments runs for only three days, however the exhibition will continue until 24th November.



Paul Guilfoyle at The Kenny Gallery

Paul Guilfoyle | Moods, Memories and Mayo

25 November - 23 December

A collection of new paintings drawn from nature and from the imaginative memory of painter Paul Guilfoyle.

"This is my first show in Kenny’s in six years. Six years of experimenting on different styles, techniques of painting, always returning  to the real roots of why I paint. The landscape itself.  Memories of the West,  filtered through the years,  led me into some of the works,  into  the moods  of hill walks, sunsets , calm waters, billowing skies, distant light and flaring colours. “The Way Down”  with the calm, sunlit scene below is the memory of rain-lashed,  wind-scoured  walks  descending  through the clouds into a kinder place below.  Dún Briste at Downpatrick Head, (Remembered),  juxtaposes the headland against the sea stack from an imagined position on the cliff while the” Autumn dusk near Clifden” emanates through a memory  of still  water  and autumn hues .

Many of the landscapes are of Mayo, some of Galway, with river and woodland scenes from around Abbeyleix.

Autumn is the dominant season and mood of the show."

Official opening Friday 25th November at 6.00pm. 

Coming up in 2017...

Christopher Banahan - Spring

Kenneth Webb and Susan Webb - July (re-scheduled from October 2016) 

John Behan RHA - Autumn 

...and much more


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