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Eamon Doyle

Eamon Doyle was born in Dublin in 1963 but moved to Clare when he was ten years old. He was awarded a PhD in Palaeontology from NUI Galway in 1989. He has travelled and worked in Jamaica, Bolivia, Mexico and the USA.

Artists Statement

"I paint because I am compelled to do so; it is my way of expressing my connection with the physical landscape where I live and the landscape of my feelings. Some paintings lean more towards a direct representation of a particular scene while others are barely recognisable as such and reflect more of a mood intuitive interpretation of a landscape, others still are totally within the realm of feelings and require a different interpretation, they appeal to something else in the viewer.

The beauty of the world in which we all live is breathtaking, if I look a little closer at my reasons for painting I find that I want to share my sense of awe with others; I am saying 'Hey, you drove past that scene today, wasn't it stunning?' or 'Didn't you notice those colours in the sea?'

Or maybe people don't need to be reminded; maybe I'm just the one who gets to sift through all the images of our day and select a few as 'keepsakes' of our fabulous journey."