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Paddy Lennon

Paddy Lennon

Paddy Lennon was born in Inchicore, Ireland in 1955. In 1980 he received a Diploma in Fine Art from the City & Guilds Art School in London. He has lived in Dublin, London, Connemara, Mexico, Spain and now resides in Wexford. His works are in Private and Corporate Collections worldwide.

Exhibition History

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2005The Kenny Gallery, Galway
2002The Kenny Gallery, Galway
2001Old Market Arts Centre, Dungarvan, Co. Wexford
2001The Bridge Gallery, Dublin
2000The Bourn Vincent Gallery, Limerick University
2000Abstract Studios, Wexford
2000Charleville Castle, Tullamore, Co. Offaly
1999The Dye House Gallery, Dye House Lane, Waterford
1996'Arte Espacio 1996', Galleria Espacio. Jerez, Spain
1995Portico Gallery, Hong Kong
1994Sala de Exposisiones, Museo de Grabado, Marbella, Spain
1994Hilton, Hong Kong
1993Kowloon Club, Hong Kong
1993Hong Kong Pacific Club, Hong Kong
1993Pantheon Gallery, Dawson Street, Dublin
1993The Geoghan Gallery, Bridgemills, Galway
1992The Geoghean Gallery, Galway
1991Westshore Gallery, Oughterard, Co. Galway
1991Kenny's Art Gallery, Galway
1990Irish Arts Centre, New York

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2001'The Art of Hurling' at The Kenny Gallery, Galway
2001Camarthen Irish Showcase, Wales
2000The Wexford Opera Festival, V.E.C. Wexford
2000The Marlborough Gallery, Dublin 1
2000The Hallward Gallery, Merrion Square, Dublin
2000Abstract Studios, Wexford
2000The Bridge Gallery, Dublin
1999The Vanguard, Macroom, Co. Cork
1999Yello, Kinsale, Co. Cork
1999The Dye House, Waterford
1999The Hallward Gallery, Merrion Square, Dublin
1999St. Patrick's Festival, Westgate Heritage Centre, Wexford
1998Quantum Contemporary Art, Whiteleys, Bayswater, London
1998Harrods Picture Gallery, Harrods, Knightsbridge, London
1997Kenny's Art Gallery, Galway
1997Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin 2
1997Kilcock Art Gallery, Kilcock, Co. Kildare
1996'Certamin de pintura de Albacete', Albacete, Spain
1996'Exposision de Arte sobre la Cultura Andalu', Jerez de la Frontera, Spain
1995'Arte Espacio 1995', Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de Jerez, Spain
1995'Certamin de Dibujo de Antonio Rincon' Cartama, Spain
1993Geoghegan's Gallery, Bridgemills Galway
1993Furama Gallery, Hong Kong
1993'Art For Bosnia', Pantheon Gallery, Dublin
1992Kenny's Art Gallery, Galway. Irish Musicians by Irish Artists.
1992The Clifden Arts Festival, Clifden, Co. Galway.
1992Browns Gallery, Dawson Street, Dublin 2
1992Arnotts Portrait Exhibition
1992The Pantheon Gallery, Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Artist's Statement

"When I paint, what interests me in the work is its underlying abstraction. This is what generates its quality, its life and its innate truth. If the work can arouse sensations, thoughts, ideas and feelings, and stimulate the viewer then for me it successful."

Paddy Lennon
March 2001

Paddy Lennon"Colour hadn't been a very important part of my work, light certainly, but colour was very much the cousin to form.

It was while in Mexico that I first discovered the lesson of the sun, the lesson of Cezanne, that form is at its maximum when colour is at its maximum.

Through a balance of colour, the light of the sun can be transcribed into painting. Matching its brightness is impossible, but we can make our eyes receive a similar stimulation through the vividness of hue, if not exact, at least an intense illumination.

The visual exuberance of the landscape, the richness and the rhythm of life, are essential to my art. What I seek in painting is a sensation of rest, of peace, of awe."

Paddy Lennon
April 1999

We have two visions: one exterior, the other interior -
One the vision of the eye,
The other the vision of the mind or imagination.


Paddy LennonWorking on a two dimensional surface, a painter explores a subject by mixing and applying paint, creating a visual language which is distinctly his/her own. Through this image, he communicates those thoughts, feelings and emotions which he has used in producing a visual experience.

Paddy Lennon demonstrates the many qualities needed to convey the reality of what he sees and feels when painting landscapes. In some of his most powerful pieces, the landscape is kept to a minimum and is merely suggested by glimpses of field and rock and sky. These paintings conjure up reminiscences of great romantic art such as Turner's sublime sunsets and Casper David Friedrich's haunting Arctic wildernesses.

Though sharing an interest in the emphasis of the paint surface with many of the American Expressionist school, Lennon's work clearly has European roots. His mountain landscapes recall the patch-work appearance of Cezanne's studies of Mont St Victoire in Provence. But Lennon's colour range is much broader and his paint work, often applied with a palette knife, is done in a more fractured, emphatically slab-like way.

Paddy Lennon's work is an art of balance, of purity and serenity. It is devoid of trouble - an art which is soothing and restful, yet full of wonder.

Aidan Gaffney
Art Administrator