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Virag Varga

After I had finished my studies in Hungary I went straight to Galway to find my fortune and to learn English. I fell in love with the city at first sight. Walking through the streets, riverside or seaside, through the docks. I kept drawing and drawing them. I've lived here for almost 3 years and Galway is still my muse.

I'm interested in the meeting point of the natural environment against the artificial. For example water / canal, river / bridge, bench / the view from it, grass / footpaths, artificial lake or pool / sea.

Apart from this I am keen on observing the small details of life that make it ordinary and familiar. If you double up your room with an armchair, it becomes a part of your own life. Next to this armchair you keep your favourite plant. You know when the buds are going to appear. A nice sofa next to the window where you spent a sunny afternoon with a close friend. These are my subjects too, the intimate environment you carry within you, even if you move to another place.

Virag Varga


Eszerhazg Karoly University, Hungary - Fine Art Teacher


2006 - Winter Exhibition group show, Hungary

2005 - Winter Exhibition group show, Hungary

2004 - Group Exhibition, Eger

2003 - Group Exhibition, Eger