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Lilies in the Bog Pool, Ballinaboy by Kenneth Webb

'Duilleoga Baite'

A solo exhibition of new work by

Kenneth Webb

The Kenny Gallery, Galway
August 17th - September 7th, 2006

It is 53 years ago since Kenneth Webb first sold a painting at Kennys. Since then, he has had many exciting exhibitions there, never failing to surprise. This year's show, which opens on August 17th, is no exception. For the first time in his long career, he has devoted an entire collection to one subject - waterlilies. Some 35 canvasses, all on the subject of waterlilies, make up the collection under the title "Duilleoga Baite".

Webb is currently preoccupied with making these translucent, similar, (though each with its own character) fragile shapes into a strong unrelenting statement of power and grace. There are an abundance of these lilypads in the lakes and bogpools near his home, and he presents them for us in varying states of growth and decay, in full bloom with glorious colour, in sunlight and in twilight, floating like gossamer on blue lake or deep black bog ponds.

Few artists understand and paint Conamara like Kenneth Webb, and this exhibition, shows him to be in top form.

Most artists who have achieved something personal in their work have been largely helped by a sense of place. It is important for them to live in, and with, their subject. For Kenneth Webb, this place is Conamara, especially the area near Ballinaboy. In his early days, he loved to get away to exotic locations in Europe and Africa, but these travels no longer interest him. He longs to return to a small remote part of Conamara….the whole scale of his life has turned around and simplified, and his paintings now reflect this.

For some 15 years now, his inspiration has come almost entirely from his remarkable wild garden, and from the Roundstone Bog, part of which adjoins his property. He spends most of his time out of doors, walking, looking, thinking and working. His garden and neighbouring boglands with their constantly changing moods and light and colours provide him with new stimuli, no matter what the season.

For further information, please contact Tom Kenny

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