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Back Lane Painters

Exhibition of new work
by John Dinan, Desmond Hickey, Ted Jones,
Tony (AR) Mc Carthy, Tom Scott & Sean Tiernan

March 14th - April 3rd, 2008

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Henry Healy RHA formed the Back Lane Painters, in the late 1970's. The group, which comprised twelve members, were initially students of his, in his studio, which overlooked Back Lane in Dublin. In the early formative years they spent two to three weeks painting in the West of Ireland, accompanied by Henry.

Their painting style was strongly influenced by his direct approach to 'plein air' painting, which captured the immediacy of the ever-changing light and colours of the west. Following Henry's death in the early 1980's members of the group continued to work and exhibit together and this allowed the tenets of his approach to painting - simplicity of composition, with colour, tone and texture relationships- to be further explored.

In recent years, five members of the group - John Dinan, Desmond Hickey, Tony (AR) Mc Carthy, Tom Scott and Sean Tiernan - had all taken up painting full-time. They are joined in this instance by a recent addition to their number - Ted Jones. They developed a close working relationship and have held a number of exhibitions together. These include Combridge Fine Arts, Dublin 2003; Roundstone Arts Week, 2004; Greenacres Gallery, Wexford, 2004; United Arts Club, Dublin 2005 and The Leinster Gallery, Dublin 2007.

Sadly, Desmond Hickey died in March 2007 and as the opening of this exhibition coincides with the anniversary of his death, a number of paintings kindly lent by his family are exhibited in his memory.

The six artists, exhibiting, are noted for their colour harmony and loose expressive technique. While they have a common bond, with a shared painting experience and friendship for over thirty years, they have each developed as artists with their own distinctive style. Their interest is primarily in the impressionist interpretation of landscape and is influenced by a 'plein air ' approach. They have painted predominantly in the West of Ireland but have also painted abroad, mainly in France and Italy. However, their range of output also includes figurative, still life and interior painting as is evidenced in the work presented at this exhibition.