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From Near And Far

Exhibition of Paintings
by Vicki Crowley
5th February - 27th February 2002

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"This is my eight (or ninth) show in Kenny's. My first show was twenty years ago; it took place in the Salthill Gallery - "Two Islands". By coincidence, there is a similarity in the two shows in that each uses the West of Ireland as a home base for my peregrinations and for contrast.

These works have taken a year to produce. They were painted in series. The Galway/Barna series depict some of the beautiful and unspoiled areas that remain intact despite the escalating rate of development. I rejoice in their colour and textures; their proximity and familiarity is an added prize which I treasure.

I always sketch and keep journals as I travel. I find, however, that by drawing on my memories subsequently, my impressions become distilled to their very essence. Over the last ten years, I have been trekking and climbing not only in Ireland but in far flung parts of the world. Brazil, China, The Amazon, Africa, Nepal, U.S.A., Thailand, Vietman and Peru. Many of these feature in this show. Because of the nature of these treks, I have been able to learn many of the customs of the people of these countries, to observe how they use their land and to acquire first hand an in-depth knowledge of each location.

As the work progressed, it took on a life of its own. The colour palette became universally relevant. Often, the unexpectedly rich colour that I found right on my doorstep seemed to echo the exotic hues of distant lands. This exhibition differs in that all the paintings are in oils on canvas. Each painting has a story and every brush stroke evokes for me, a multi-sensory memory. The concept of the show works, I feel, because it is not continued. It is a natural result as I went from 'here to there', and thus contrived "From Near & Far"

Finally, the physical act of training for each challenge has become a way of life and has made me stronger, more focussed and disciplined than ever before."

Vicki Crowley

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