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Gift Ideas from The Kenny Gallery

What a special present a piece of art makes! Whether it's a wedding or house warming present, a Christmas gift or a communion or confirmation token, art is a unique and wonderful way to mark that special occasion. Find the perfect artwork at The Kenny Gallery. We have originals in a vast range of mediums to satisfy all tastes and budgets.

Below are links to particular artists that may have some artwork in specific price ranges:

| €100 - €200 | €200 - €300 | €300 - €500 | €500 - €1000 | €1000 - €2000 | €2000 - €3000 | €3000 - €5000 |

Price Range: €100 - €200

Rooftops & Backyards, Galway - Lim.Ed.Signed Print by Dean Kelly
Brigids Cloak 4/250 by Barrie Maguire
Sunflower by Sean Curley

Dean Kelly

Dean Kelly was born in 1977, and is a native of Loughrea, Co. Galway. Kelly works primarily as a painter but has also worked in the fields of sculpture and design for a number of years. He worked with Galway Theatre & Spectacle company Macnas from 1996 to 1999, sculpting and painting for the Galway Arts Festival Parade.

Barrie Maguire

These limited edition prints by this American artist are ideal new baby, christening, first communion or confirmation gifts.

Sean Curley

Sean Curley is a master in the depiction of flowers. His depictions are so realistic you can almost smell the flowers. An ideal gift for anyone.

Bray Point to Point by Susan Webb

Susan Webb

Susan Webb daughter of Kenneth Webb,combines her love of animals, most especially horses and dogs, with a great appreciation of the Irish landscape, giving a unique view of Irish equestrian life.

Price Range: €200 - €300

Lipstick by Jennifer Cunningham
Owl 2003-107 by Richard Goerg
St. John's Point, Donegal by Sam Coulter

Jennifer Cunningham

Jennifer's prints are figurative pieces in black and white, visually stunning with a strong narrative thread running through them.

Richard Goerg

Wildlife artist Richard Goerg (Dick) is the carver/sculptor for Wild Wing Carving. Richard creates pieces of art in the traditional method of bird and trout carving and also by interpretive sculpture of wildfowl. Richard carves waterfowl, gamebirds, raptors, trout, shorebirds and songbirds of North America and Western Europe.

Sam Coulter

The unique light in Connemara, where he paints regularly, frequently influences Sam Coulter.

Horst Du's (e.a.) by Gertrude Degenhardt
Dolmen Co. Clare by Pat Walsh
Lifting the Curragh by Joseph Sloan

Gertrude Degenhardt

Whether a drypoint etching or framed poster, Gertrude Degenhardt's work is the perfect wedding present. Her etchings are humorous, and distinctive.

Pat Walsh

Pat Walsh was born in Castlepollard, Co. Westmeath. The main subject matter in his paintings evokes everything that is Irish, from turbulent seas to calm cottages on hillside tops.

Joseph Sloan

Joseph Sloanís wood engravings are the ideal gift for any occasion. They are beautifully crafted and full if intricate detail.

Price Range: €300 - €500

Crown Imperial 22/40 by Jean Bardon
The Artist by Sister Anthony
Love Ireland? VI by Shane Crotty

Jean Bardon

Jeans etching's are beautifully detailed full of decorative detail and delight.

Sister Anthony

These sculptures depict humorous scenes involving nuns going about their everyday tasks like reading or praying.

Shane Crotty

Shane likes to experiment in various forms of imagery from architecture, landscape photography, graphic design and abstract art.

Raven / Chick by Éadaín
Geranium by Niamh Fahy
Queen Cell I by Padraic Reaney


Éadaínís etchings are ideal gifts for animal lovers and evoke the natural grace & intriguing nature of the cat.

Niamh Fahy

Niamh enjoys the unpredictability of watercolours and the texture of pastel. She works in pen & ink which introduces a delicacy and character that is particular to this medium. Niamh's themes characteristically capture family themes and relationships, homes, gardens and children playing.

Padraic Reaney

This delightful Reaney print is a lovely example of his work

Timmie I by Tony O'Dwyer
Rush Hour by Lisa Ryder
Island VI by Kathleen Furey

Tony O'Dwyer

This sketch has a vibrant immediacy that comes across in the confidant use of line and colour.

Lisa Ryder

Lisa Rider is new and vibrant artist, who recently graduated from GMIT . Lisa's work is a colourful depiction on screen prints of today's busy world almost dizzying at times.

Kathleen Furey

These surreal miniature landscapes evoke mythical stories in a charming use of mixed media on board.

On the Canal by Virag Varga
Galway Hooker 18/24 by Bernadette Madden
Alone Again by Anne Towers

Virag Varga

Virag Varga is from Hungary, she is interested meeting point of the natural environment against the artificial. For example water / canal, river / bridge, bench / the view from it, grass / footpaths, artificial lake or pool / sea.

Bernadette Madden

In Ireland, the name Bernadette Madden is virtually synonymous with batik. That is so because she has taken a medium that was chiefly associated with decorative craft and developed it as a means of artistic expression.

Anne Towers

Anne uses white earthenware clay to make her wheel-thrown pots. Painting with coloured slips and underglaze colours, she creates images of which the subject matter on the outside of the vessel relates to the inside, creating a continuous narrative.

Price Range: €500 - €1000

Character Study by George Callaghan
Full Sail by Paddy Richardson
Hot Country Road by Anne Farrall

George Callaghan

These delightful paintings are excellent sellers at Kennys, as people are drawn to the refreshing and colourful images. These pieces are inspired by nature and executed with a sense of humour.

Paddy Richardson

Paddy originally from Moycullen in Co. Galway loves to paint street scenes, traditional music scenes and Galway hookers amongst others. Always apparent is the vast sense of movement within Paddy's works.

Anne Farrell

Anne captures everyday scenes and people and enlivens them with warm tones and colour. She is also inspired by the action and vitality of Irish sport.

Sunlight Slipping to the Valley, Corkscrew Hill, Clare by Rosemary Carr
Winter Light, South Galway by Patsy Farrell
Old Lobster Pots, Roundstone by Joan Webb

Rosemary Carr

These evocative paintings capture the wild weather of Connemara and are ideal for brightening an alcove or corner in a home.

Patsy Farrell

He loves Connemara, which never fails to provide him with inspiration and new material. There is a familiarity about his subjects, and an obvious sense of pleasure in his presentation of light and shade, and colour which makes the familiar seem fresh and different.

Joan Webb

An important and well respected water colourist, her precise landscapes and garden scenes are well worth investing in.

Island Cottages II by Paul Proud
Dark Summer by Cormac O'Leary
Connemara Waterfall by Barry Herniman

Paul Proud

Proud excels in his depiction of the ever changing character of the sea. He captures the play of light on waves with an ability that can only come of a continueing affinity with the shoreline.

Cormac O'Leary

Cormac O'Leary was born in Cork and grew up in Sligo. "I was very lucky, I grew up in a house that was full of paintings and artists. I was always drawing as a child, and just continued doing it".

Barry Herniman

This relatively large watercolour is executed in striking colours which capture the natural landscape with a vibrancy quite uncommon for the medium.

The Leaping Cat by Simone Walsh

Simone Walsh

The colourful scenes by this Dublin artist, have a strong decorative quality to them, & are highlighted by the fine lines of rich gold relief paint.

Price Range: €1000 - €2000

Wild Flowers II by Jerry Marjoram
Spring Time by Elizabeth Kavanagh
Spanish Seawall by Ger Sweeney

Jerry Marjoram

Jerry Marjoram has recently moved into a new direction, which is bright and beautiful. This painting would make a great house-warming gift sure to brighten any house.

Elizabeth Kavanagh

Elizabeth's bright and tranquil colours almost make her subject matter come to life; one can almost smell the flowers that she depicts.

Ger Sweeney

Ger Sweeney is a much-respected Irish Artist and an example of his work would make a valuable contribution to any art enthusiasts' collection.

Galway Market by Frank Kiely
Nude with Red Bow by Jim Kinch
Cauldron of Rebirth by Kieran Tuohy

Jim Kinch

Jim's work is vibrant, colourful and inventive. He has developed a truly unique and spontaneous style and is immediately identifiable. His work would make an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates brave and striking use of colour.

Kieran Tuohy

This is a skillfully carved sculpture in the wonderfully warm and tangible medium of Bog Oak. Based on subjects concerning Ireland of the past this piece would make a stunning gift and strong focal point for display in the home or office.

Price Range: €2000 - €3000

A Day at the Beach, Near Ballydavid by Paul Guilfoyle
Lucky For Some, Leopardstown by Susan Webb
Apple Trees - Aspach by Jay Murphy

Paul Guilfoyle

Paul Guilfoyles evocative canvasses are closely observed and recorded with a searching eye. They are refreshingly unsentimental, never sombre and expressed with clarity and vigour. His firm and clean handling of the paint captures magic moments and a real feeling for the dramatic effects of light on nature.

Susan Webb

Susanís twin inspirations are the Irish landscape and horses, which she combines to great effect. She has an excellent understanding of the biology of horses and thus her work always looks perfectly realised. A perfect gift for fans of racing or any member of the equestrian set.

Jay Murphy

Jayís work has a bold, fresh and vivid quality. Colours are unashamedly strong and pure. Her pieces would make the perfect focal point in any room. An ideal gift for new home owners.

Inis Oirr by Mick O'Dea
Mysterious Turlough by Manus Walsh

Mick O'Dea

Mick Oí Deaís primary subject is portraiture, and he applies this accuracy throughout his other work. He is a fine colourist and an excellent draughtsman. His pieces are a great investment.

Manus Walsh

These fresh landscapes with their broad colourful washes of acrylic paint lend a Mediterranean feel to the rain splashed Irish scenes they depict. Ranging in size from modest to quite sizable these works would make a welcome addition to any household.

Price Range: €3000 - €5000

Sean Teach by George Callaghan
Brushes on Red by Brian Ballard
The First Jump by Ben Maile

George Callaghan

Callaghan's paintings of quaint almost fairytale scenery are executed in a sophisticated and considered manner. This accomplished artist has a shrewd eye for the humour in details.

Brian Ballard

Brian Ballard born in Belfast, enjoys painting and is constantly inspired by his response to the ordinary things, such as a vase of flowers, an old iron, a figure, a landscape, a model in his studio.

Ben Maile

The products of Ben Maile's work are generally his own individual interpretation of the subject rather than a figurative presentation: in this sense they are truly impressionistic yet remaining instantly recognisable.His heavy impasto technique gives his paintings solidity and depth, enabling him to add the further dimension of atmosphere.