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Rosemary Carr

Exhibition of Paintings
by Rosemary Carr
16th September - 6th October 2005

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"A Place of Silence - This can be a place of beauty, a place where music can lead you; or a place inside your mind.

I find a sense of timeless space in the Connemara bogs, especially the Gowla, where mist seems to make space go on forever. The Burren was so different - with a wonder and magic in that extraordinary landscape. I had some beautiful, sun-filled days, when these amazing hills seemed to soak up the light and heat, and beam it back at you, in mauves and blues and the palest green. The morning's deep shadows carving out the design of the hills. The wonderful Clare coast too, where slabs of limestone slip down to the sea, to rise again in the Aran Islands, had strength and stillness, but for me it hadn't that timeless silence that comes when I paint on the bogs.

Men may be working at their turf, but they, like the stones, are part of the landscape. A place where silence can be felt and heard - the deep spirit of this wonderful land can fill your very soul."

Rosemary Carr

"Only when you drink from the river of silence, shall you indeed sing".

From "The Prophet" - Kahlil Gibran