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Exhibition of Paintings
by Hugh McCormick
10th - 30th January 2003

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Official Opening by John Behan RHA

Catalogue Notes by Maeve McCormick

Opening Speech by John Behan RHA

Catalogue Notes by John Hogan

"scresh scresh dab dab" by Dean Kelly

scresh scresh dab dab,
sips beer through tooth ache,
sucks caustic lemon slice
- sharp as his wit ;
he likened his own to Connery looks,
he told a girl I knew she was like
a russian icon.
she took it not in a good way
- my teacher tells
of how his father bore him up on his shoulder,
to look on soon to be scuttled u-boats
on the Foyle or some other place :
cigars (or some coarser metaphor)
floating on a grey ground sea.
"If ye spent as much time painting
as ye did shining that bloody palette....
- what a painter of pictures could be,
no smocked colossus
....the art of tarring a leaking roof,
a leaning stride
in desert boots and blue jeans,
stick flailing,
(delight in his whinging cackle)
- my father tells,
he saw him once place bets
in a back street bookie office,
supported in divilment
by my fathers independent son.
work done.
he looked up from seated position,
"Now, never mind the rest of them,
you are a painter....
- his teacher had told him,
"You have it McCormick, he said,
you have it....
as he traced transfixed the mass of a Belfast bap,
eyebrow arching over
Hugh's lost conception,
scresh scresh dab dab ad infinitum,
to him.

Dean Kelly - April 25th 2002.

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