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Lorna's Garden

Exhibition of Paintings
by Vicki Crowley
Jun 12th 1998

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Exhibition Notes

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Lorna's Garden - by Vicki Crowley

Silver threads of gravel paths
Lead sinuously,
Disclosing secrets,
One by one,
Pausing for applause
At each changing scene.
Ali Baba's urn hides
In its aura of snowy stars;
The canopy of slender trees
Where stippled light
Beams through gaps of sky,
Spotlighting the electric bluebells
That nod in their foliage
Of other-world verdance;
The rush of a playful stream,
First gushing, then gurgling,
In unison with the tinkling of a crystal cascade.

Through a frame of dazzling azaleas
The pagoda's pool reflects
The splendour of a crimson acer
Prostrate in spreading obeisance;
The heron's patinated stare
Is focused across his green fringed pond;
A carpet of fallen camellias
Lies beneath the tight magonolia buds
Which blush as they unfurl slowly,
Petal by petal,
Like demure damsels disrobing;
And golden fish emerge
From their lily pad hideouts
To swim in languid
Figures of eight.

Here, sundials make time
Slow to a halt
In a scented spell,
And dreams recall
A garden once lost
But surely now regained.

Vicki Crowley

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