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1999 Exhibitions

Pilgrimage - Patricia Burke Brogan


by Patricia Burke Brogan
Jan 9th - Jan 28th
Mixed Media
Guest: John O'Donohue

Wall to Wall Warhol - Andy Warhol

Wall to Wall Warhol

by Andy Warhol
Jan 29th - Feb 18th
Silkscreen Prints
Guest: Jeff O'Connell

Closer to the Sun: Homage to Vincent Van Gogh - Robert McLean

Closer to the Sun: Homage to Vincent Van Gogh

by Robert McLean
Feb 19th - Mar 11th
Oil on Canvas
Guest: Michael Gorman

Impressions Expressions Digressions- Miriam Silke

Impressions Expressions Digressions

by Miriam Silke
Mar 12th - Mar 31st
Pastel on Board
Guest: Angela Lupton, Mayor of Galway

Wild Places, Secret Corners - James Flack

Wild Places, Secret Corners

by James Flack
Apr 1st - Apr 29th
Guest: Peter Haden

Conemara - Sara Sue McNeill


by Sara Sue McNeill
Apr 30th - May 20th
Mixed Media
Guest: Peter Vine

Untitled Exhibition - Joan Webb

Untitled Exhibition

by Joan Webb
May 21st - Jun 10th

Towards The Millennium - Gerald Davis

Towards The Millennium

by Gerald Davis
Jun 11th - Jul 8th
Abstract Oil Paintings
Guest: John Behan RHA

Retrospective - Joseph Quilty


by Joseph Quilty
Jul 9th - Jul 25th

Connemara Ponies - Susan Webb

Connemara Ponies

by Susan Webb
Jul 26th - Aug 12th
Guest: Lady Hemphill

Below The Hill - Mick Flaherty

Below The Hill

by Mick Flaherty
Aug 13th - Sep 2rd
Oil Paintings
Guest: Tom Kenny

Colours In Silence - Rosemary Carr

Colours In Silence

by Rosemary Carr
Sep 3rd - Sep 23rd
Oil Paintings
Guest: Mary O' Malley

Fiddle & Pint - Gertrude Degenhardt

Fiddle & Pint

by Gertrude Degenhardt
Sep 24th - Oct 14th
Mixed Media
Guest: Bob Quinn

Untitled Exhibition - Liam Butler

Shapes And Shades

by Liam Butler
Oct 15th - Nov 4th

Silent Images - Ros Harvey

Silent Images

by Ros Harvey
Nov 5th - Nov 25th
Guest: Nollaig MacCongail

Millennium Show - Various Artists

Millennium Show

by Various Artists
Nov 26th - Jan 6th
Mixed Media