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M. Penauille
M. Singleton
Mac Carthy, James
Mac Maidhachain, Padraig
MacCarthy, James
MacDonagh, Eileen
MacGonigal, Maurice
Macken, J.J.
Mackenzie, M.
Mackey, Mary
MacLeod, John
MacNulty, John
MacPolin, Donal
MacSweeney, Gary
Madden, Ann
Madden, Bernadette
Madden, Caroline
Maderson, Arthur
Maderson, Arthur K.
Madigan, Carmel
Madigan, Éadaín
Maginnis, Ian
Maguire, Barrie
Maguire, Cecil
Maguire, Connor
Maher, Alice
Maile, Ben
Mallon, J.E.
Mann, Kelvin
Manning, Jo
Manning, Noel
Mansfield, Louise
Mansfield, Maria
Mansfield, Thelma
Marie O'hEocha
Marjoram, Jerry
Marshall, D. W.
Marshall, Frieda
Massey, Fidelma
Mathews, Tom
Mazur, Andrzej
Mc Elwee, Fred
Mc Glynn, Maura
McAloran, Michael
McAteer, Martina
McAvinchey, Deirdre
McCabe R.O.I. HRUA, Gladys
McCaig, Norman J.
McCann, Fran
McCarthy, Desmond
McCarthy, Sean
McCarthy, Tony (A.R.)
McCartney, Cecil
McCawleys, P. H.
McClise, D.
McCormack, Selma
McCormick Green, Catherine
McCormick, Hugh
McCreary, James
McDowell, Denis J.
McElwee, Fred
McEwen, Johnny
McGlynn, Maura
McGrath, Tony (att.)
McGuinness, Bingham
McGuinness, Norah H.R.H.A
McGurran, Rosie
McInerney, Carmel
McKay, Kevin
McKee, Jim
McKenna, Darren
McKenna, James
McKenna, Sally
McLaughlin, Stephanie
McLean, Bobby
McLynn, Rebecca
McMullan, Luke
McNeill, Sara Sue
McNulty, John
McNulty, Margo
McSherry, Kevin
McSorley, John
McSweeney, Sean
McWilliams, Catherine
McWilliams, Joseph
McWilliams, Michael
Meagher, Margaret
Mediratta, Amit
Melia, Holly
Melia, Poppy
Mercator, Gerard
Mercator, Gerard,
Merriott, Jack
Metadjer, Gerard
Meyler, O.
Michael Downes
Michael O'Grady
Mike Bernard
Mikhailova, Elena
Miles, James G.
Miles, T.J.
Millar, James
Minihan, John
Mitchell, Susan L.
Mollereau-Graham, Ann-Marie
Mooney, Carmel
Mooney, Kevin
Mooney, Lorna
Mooney, Nóirin
Moore, John Hamilton
Morley, Hilary
Morris, John
Morris, Michael
Morrison, Patrick
Mortell, Noreen
Mr. H.C. Seppings Wright
Mr. Sydney P. Hall
Mr. Walker
Mulas, Fabiano
Mulcahy, Mick
Muller, Johainn Ulrich
Murphy, Eilis
Murphy, Jay
Murphy, Mary Lee
Murphy, Philip
Murphy, Theresa
Murray, Billy
Murray, Vivian
Murray, Vivien
Müller, Johann Ulrich
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The Culture Trip - Local Favourite


Galway 2020  





Kennys' Virtual Gallery

Vicki Crowley and Dominique Crowley at the Kenny Gallery

Banner above links to the Counterpoint exhibition items only, click here for more information (PDF) >>

Gertrude Degenhardt at the Kenny Gallery

Above banner links to the Gertrude Degenhardt exhibition items only, click here for more information (PDF) >>  

Butler Family Sculpture, copper roots at the Kenny Gallery

Above banner links to the Butler Copper Roots exhibition items only, click here for more information (PDF) >> 

Galway Emerges at the Kenny Gallery  

Above banner links to the Galway Emerges exhibition items only, please click here for more information (PDF) >>   

Jim McKee at the Kenny Gallery

Above banner links to the Jim McKee exhibition items only, please click here for more information (PDF) >>  

Mike Byrne and Jane Seymour Ceramics at The Kenny Gallery

Above banner links to the Byrne & Seymour exhibition items only, please click here for more info (PDF) >>   

Martina Furlong at The Kenny Gallery  

More information about the MARTINA FURLONG, NEW PAINTINGS exhibition, opened April 1st (PDF) >>

Phyllis Del Vecchio at The Kenny Gallery 

More information about the Phyllis Del Vecchio New Paintings exhibition, opens March 4th (PDF) >>

Click here to read a little more about last year's Exhibitions Scheduel, July to December 2021 (PDF) >>

Christmas and New Year at The Kenny Gallery 

Pádraic Reaney at The Kenny Gallery 

Click for more information regarding Pádraic Reaney's NEW Oileán, 1988-2020 exhibition (PDF) >>    

John Behan RHA at The Kenny Gallery  

Video of the official opening of John Behan's 'Shifting Ground' by RTÉ's Bryan Dobson >>  

Click for more information regarding John Behan's 'Shifting Ground' exhibition (PDF) >>   

Paula Pohli 'Juxtapositions' at the Kenny Gallery

Video of the Official Opening of Paula Pohli's 'Juxtapositions' at the Kenny Gallery >> 

Kenneth Webb and Susan Webb at Kennys

Click the above banner to see paintings in the WEBB SQUARED collection, or click here for more info >>

Enjoy our virtual opening video for WEBB SQUARED, where the artists introduce their work, on YouTube >>

Luke McMullan at Kennys

Click the above banner to view the 47 paintings in the collection, or click here for more information >> 

Click to view video of the Artist's Exhibition Opening Tour of A Constant State of Motion on YouTube >>   

International Women's Day 2021 - 300+ artworks

Ai Weiwei at Kennys

A MAGIC ROOM IN GALWAY | Christmas & New Year exhibition 2020

Paul Guilfoyle at Kennys

Paul Guilfoyle | click the above to view the entire collection, or this link to view a PDF catalogue for After the Rain >>

AFTER THE RAIN | Our Youtube short introduction and tour video originally made for Culture Night 2020 >>  

Laura Vecchi Ford at Kennys 

Laura Vecchi Exhibition (may be viewed online, but may reopen to the public at a later date)

Migrants - John Behan at Kennys

View our YouTube video of President Michael D Higgins' address, officially opening 'Migrants' by John Behan>> 

Fran McCann at The Kenny Gallery 

Liam Jones - Old Boots and Other Stories

Dean Kelly | City Studies at The Kenny Gallery

Video of the official opening of Dean Kelly | City Studies - guest speaker Jennifer Cunningham >> 

Joe Hogan at The Kenny Gallery

Video of the official opening of Joe Hogan | Gathered from the Earth, guest speaker John Behan RHA >> 

Marja van Kampen at The Kenny Gallery  

Facebook video of the official opening of MARJA VAN KAMPEN by writer Nuala O'Connor >> 

Jim McKee at The Kenny Gallery  

View a video of Éadaín's opening speech by Prof Felix Ó Murchadha on our Facebook page >>  

Links to some of our recent exhibitions at The Kenny Gallery:  Christmas & New Year 2019 Exhibition >>  

MANUS WALSH | Variations, opened 10 November >>   PÁDRAIC REANEY | Inis Airc, The Inishark Project >>

A Hint of Autumn, paintings by KIERAN TOBIN >>  ART OF PROTEST, Galway International Arts Festival exhibition >> 


A selection of recent works from our collection:

Paintings by Leah Beggs Works by John Behan RHA
Paintings by Paul Guilfoyle Works by Maev Lenaghan
Paintings by Thelma Mansfield Works by Shane Crotty
Paintings by Jim McKee Paintings by Luke McMullan
Paintings by John Morris Paintings by Anastasia O'Donoghue Healy

Welcome to We have been selling original works of art for over 75 years. Situated in Galway, in the West of Ireland, The Kenny Gallery specialise in Contemporary Irish Art, exhibits the work of 19th to 21st century artists, and frequently hosts exhibitions by visiting artists from Europe and the United States.

The gallery organises a number solo and group exhibitions each year, including retrospectives, and we actively promote emerging talent.

Over the years we have showcased the work of emerging Irish artists, many of whom have become household names.

The works of Jack Yeats, Paul Henry, Sean Keating, George Campbell, Louis le Brocquy, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Robert Ballagh,  Sidney Nolan and many others has hung on the walls of Kennys. In addition, we have an ongoing everchanging group show of several hundred works - oils, watercolours, sculpture, stained glass, ceramics, photography and graphics.

Enjoy browsing our site, and should you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Thomas Kenny, Gallery Director